Two witnesses

In today’s hearing regarding accusations that lying serial rapist SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh is, in fact, a serial rapist, two witnesses were heard: Dr Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh. No others were heard — not Mark Judge, not Deborah Ramirez, not Julie Swetnick. And how did the two act at that hearing?

Here, we see two very different people. Dr Blasey is, certainly, upset — even crying at some points — as one might expect when a sexual assault survivor is being questioned by hostile interrogators on national television. But she’s calm and controlled. Kavanaugh, though? He’s shouting, scowling, and argumentative — displaying, basically, the behaviours that get women labelled “hysterical” — and that would get Dr Blasey that label if she (quite reasonably) displayed them — or that get people oppressed on many other axes labelled in such a way to get their testimony and their humanity dismissed. But because Brett Kavanaugh is a white man, the same behaviour will actually improve his credibility and sympathy in the eyes of far too many.

Others can write on the content of the testimony, the effects it many or may not have on lying serial rapist Brett Kavanaugh’s chances of getting on the Supreme Court, and whether he may face a loss of his seat on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. (And I may join them.) For now, though, I’m just going to hope that, for at least one of the Republican men on the committee, Dr Blasey’s emotional level hit that perfect balance of being enough to seem sincere, but not too much to seem credible.

UPDATE: It wasn’t. The failure of Republicans to give a damn about women is, of course, disappointing, not shocking.

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