Safely keeping zoetropes: Happy equinox!

Autumn begins today. I hope the weather will admit it soon — it’s still 33 ℃ here! As part of my celebration of the new season, I’ve decided to take stock with a quick tarot spread.

A picture of the tarot spread

  1. “Area of greatest balance in life” — King of Wands

    I’m certainly quite adept at coming up with grand plans, and (at least on the better ones) just talking about them is enough to get people interested.

  2. “Area of least balance in life” — Chevalier of Wands

    On personal matters, I often tend to keep my emotions bottled up. I should learn to express bothers while they’re small instead of waiting until the accumulation is too large for their inevitable expression to be reasonable. On public matters, though, I have a tendency to seek out problems.

  3. “Balancing energies” — King of (VOID)

    Like this King, I tend to remain in thought over action.

  4. “Where and how I spend my energy on others” — 2: The High Priestess

    By being forced to process unfiltered information, I am able to synthesise that information to form new ideas. Some of these ideas are the ones that seem like they should have been obvious the whole time (even though they weren’t), and some are just weird.

  5. “Where and how I spend my energy on myself” — Seven of Wands

    This one’s a bit too bang on! Much of my energy is spent just keeping myself from breaking completely.

  6. “Balancing energies” — 11: Justice

    Quite a bit of the definition of “broken” is socially determined. In a different society, perhaps I would have more opportunity to work on ideas.

  7. “How my sense of equilibrium connects to my energy’s outflow and focus” — X: History

    Sometimes, tarot cards give you something to think about. But sometimes, they just punch you in the face. What I do now is directed by what I’ve done in the past. But at the same time, what I do now directs what I will do in the future.

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